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2nd International High School MUN, 2018

Model United Nations Society (MUNYP) at the University of New York in Prague has emerged as an initiative for creating a platform for young students interested in international relations to discuss global current affairs. Since 2011, our society has grown considerably in size, with students showing dedication, passion and enthusiasm in meetings and their increasing interest in participating in domestic or international model UN conferences.

Due to such a well established society MUNYP was able to with the help and support of the University of New York in Prague host their 2nd International High School Model United Nations Conference.

For the very first time, MUNYP held a three-day conference which took place on the 26th till the 28th of January, 2018.

We were honored to welcome 40 students from our local regions such as; Český Krumlov, local International Schools, but as well from countries like: Turkey, Georgia & the Netherlands. Each student brought to the group a range of nationalities, cultures and thoughts.

During the three-day conference students had the opportunity to solve international political issues, to actively promote intercultural understanding and to familiarize themselves with the bodies and the inner workings of the United Nations. 

This year the students tackled topics around the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals. The committees and themes they had the chance to be in were:

 1. Security Council: The threat of cyber warfare on international peace and security

2. Human Rights Council: The situation of Rohingyas in Myanmar

3. Economic and Social Council: Post-conflict development

After all the long days of debating, students had the opportunity to bond and network as we had a tour of Prague and an enjoyable evening of glow in the dark mini golf.

We hope the students had a fantastic time filled with memories and we look forward to seeing familiar faces next year.


We would like to personally thank the organizers and all those who lend their hand, Danai Baouraki, Arina Rossikhin, Mark Anderson, Olga Paxidrova, Huy Do Quang and Robin Nguyen. In addition, big thanks to the chairs, Anastasia Latenkova, Aus Alasbahi, Daniel Fridel, Diana Ghalib and Jakub Malhocky. Special thanks go to the professors, Oscar Hidalgo, Tanweer Ali and Jakub Leps, who took their time and dedicated a speech at the event as well as an exceptional welcome video from Jan Zahradil.

Currently the 2019 MUN Conference preparations are on the way, to make it even bigger and better!

So watch out for updates on our website: as well as our Facebook page:

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