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MUNSC Salient 2017

Dear delegates, 
Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!

MUNYP is excited to share with all of you yet another MUN adventure! 
3 of our members have attended MUNSC Salient - Youth Conference on Global Matters in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Arina Rossikhin (delegate of UK) and Anastasia Latenkova (delegate of Japan) were a part of Security Council while Daniel Fridel represented Ireland in EUFAC.

That's how Daniel describes his experience: 
"MUNSC Salient 2017? A valuable lesson, an amazing experience, and a great deal of fun! Another venue for delegates to hone their debating skills and expand their horizons when it comes to the awareness of global issues and matters that the international community is currently dealing with, was the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This stunning place was hosting a successful MUN conference, thereby bringing tens of different nationals all together in order to discuss topics such as the transnational regulations of private security companies within the EU as it was in my case. The delegation of the Republic of Ireland had stated 'present and voting' before the EU Foreign Affairs Council reached a unanimously accepted draft council conclusion. 🇮🇪🍀

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