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About the 5th International High School MUN

Model United Nations (MUNYP) is proud to announce that we are hosting our 5th International High school MUN which is being hosted by the University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic, which will be held 3rd - 5th of May, 2024.

MUNYP has emerged as an initiative for creating a platform for young students interested in international relations to discuss global current affairs. Since 2011, our society has grown considerably in size, with students showing dedication, passion and enthusiasm in meetings and their increasing interest in participating in domestic or international model UN conferences. In order to make this conference a truly unforgettable experience, your delegation’s presence at our conference is of great importance to us.


During the three-day conference you will have an opportunity to solve international political issues, to actively promote intercultural understanding and to familiarize themselves with the bodies and the inner workings of the United Nations. 

We are as well happy to announce that we have improved the conference with better food, newer locations and an event!

Since we had such a long break due to the pandemic and other global situations, we are looking forward to welcoming you all to our 2024 conference, it may be smaller but maybe it will not be, let's see together!


Registrations are open.

The following steps are:

1. Fill our the RSVP form: 

2. We will reach out to you to talk and get more details.

3. We will release the topic and committees soon.

4. Payment/Visa 

5. You will obtain study guides from us and all information


Please keep in mind if you need a visa, you need to be aware of the following steps;

1. You need to register and pay for the conference 

2. E-mail  to get a letter confirming your conference attendance so you can ask for a visa

3. Please keep in mind that the visa process takes some time so make sure to approach it as soon as possible 

4. In order for us to fill in the document confirming your conference attendance (for visa) we will need the following information;

- Full Name

- Year of birth

- Country of origin/nationality

- Your school name and address of your school 

- Your ID number (preferably Passport number) 

- Name of hotel you will be staying at in Prague (if you are afraid that you will not get a visa, please book a hotel where you can cancel your stay few days before arrival and therefore, not loose your money - check out


2500 Czech crowns (approximately 100 EUR / 110 USD)  per delegate - you can pay the amount through this link:

(This cost covers registration, public transport ticket, food & refreshment, evening event, venues)

Costs like accommodation is not included in the registration fee. And you will have to take care of this on your own.

Topic & Committees:

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Warfare and Enhancing Healthcare Infrastructure in Developing Nations.

We will be covering Security council in two areas:

- Warfare

- Healthcare 

Students may choose which one of the two they wish to sign up for. 


Here is a short list of hotels and hostels that are near the University, you can go to these or find your own accommodation.

1st Option: Hotel Lunik (Vinohrady)

2nd Option: Prague Hostel Cathedral  (Near Namesti Miru)  

3rd Option: Ping House (near Muzeum)

4th Option: Cosmopole Hostel (Spalena)


To be announced fully by April. 




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