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The individual experiences of our delegates:



I am newcomer in the MUNYP and that is why I was also excited to take part in my first Model of United Nation Conference that took place in Bonn. I understood that there are many more skills that I MUST learn. Thus, the best thing that the Model of United Nations gave me is motivation to move forward. Another important point is the opportunity to get to know young people all over the world, from different countries, people of different cultures.



BIMUN was my first conference in Germany and my second experience in the Security Council. One of the best parts of this conference was that we had a chance to visit UN Regional Information Center and view the whole city from the 21st floor. Furthermore, I loved that we had crisis several times: it made simulation even more entertaining. I also enjoyed the city itself: it was cozy and hospitable. I look forward to attending my next MUN conference.



MUN is an experience for lifetime. Although I have attended some meetings in our university, I never completely understood what is it about till I have attended BIMUN conference. Apart from hugely expanding your knowledge regarding politics and economics, MUNs also teach you how to be confident, enhance your speaking skills, and overall draw you into that diplomatic atmosphere. I was representing Cyprus in the Council of the European Union, throughout the three days that I have spent in the conference, I have grown strongly attached to that country, learned a lot about it, and most of all, I felt Cypriot by the end of it. It was fascinating to experience the true meaning of being a diplomat. Nonetheless, MUNs are not only about serious political discussions, I have met a lot of interesting people from all around the world that I am proud to call friends. It might seem that three days are not enough time to build friendship, it might be true but not in MUNs because you realize that you are spending continuous days with people that share the same interests and concerns as you do. In a nutshell, MUN is such a journey that you should experience at least once in your life. 


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