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MUNYP in MiniMUN 2016


The individual experiences of our delegates:



Minimun was a one-day conference hosted by PragueMUN on the 2nd of April, 2016. We were debating on the ways to tackle the Zika virus (again :O) and I was representing Spain in the Security Council. Usually, on regular conferences it takes a lot of time to write the resolution and agree on different countries’ inputs but with only a couple of hours to debate and write a decent resolution was intense! This was a fun and educational way to spend a Saturday. I think it's a good kick-start to anyone who is a little bit intimidated to participate in the large conference and wants to practice their MUN skills before the real thing. And even as an intermediate delegate, it was an opportunity to improve my debating skills, learn more about the virus and meet people from other universities in Prague, who are interested in politics. 




First experience of MiniMUN, one-day simulation, turned out to be absolutely great. The conference itself was held in Information Centre of NATO at CEVRO. Our committee-Security Council-debated on the topic of Zika virus as the potential security threat. What I liked about the conference is that the chairs went through all the rules of procedures with us, so it was also an educational experience. Another benefit of the conference is that it was slightly less formal and more comfortable. I would definitely recommend MiniMUN as the practice before the actual several-days-long conferences.




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