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MUNYP Goest to London 2015

Personal opinions on LIMUN:


United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) 
Topic A: The protection and promotion of LGBT rights and their treatment thereof 
Topic B: Individual Rights to Privacy in the Digital Age
It was great experience that opened my mind towards diplomacy and procedures of the United Nations. Through the conference I learnt how the debates and resolutions are made in the UN. I also learnt how to think from different perspectives and define the nation’s positions towards the current issues in the UN. In addition it gave me a great opportunity to grow my network and meet intelligent people from schools all over the world



      Participation in the London International Model United Nations 2015 was a great experience, not only because of the conference itself, but also thanks to the super MUNYP team, with whom I was enjoying the true London’s vibes. 
I had the luck that I could be representing Algeria in ECOFIN, since I am interested in the Political Economy. 
We were discussing two topics: International Measure for Preventing Future Global Financial Crises and Promotion of Sustained


     Economic Growth in Least Developed Countries and Landlocked Developing Countries. 
During the sessions and also during the social activities, I had an opportunity to get to know new friends from around the world with a passion for politics. It helped to improve my public speaking and negotiation skills. Moreover, our team representing UNYP was full of interesting students whom I could get to know better and we had together a lot of fun – sharing our experiences from sessions, sightseeing the city, shopping and enjoying the London’s wonderful environment.


Danai & Nick:

            We both were in the same committee, Commonwealth of Nations (CoN). Our topics were; 
 -A: Ensuring and protecting the rights of same-sex couples
 -B: The support of the Commonwealth in the Arms Trade treaty ratification and implementation
However, we only discussed topic A.


Nick- Overall I enjoyed the conference. It was a great pleasure to meet and get to know so many people from around the world and to some extent to compete with students of world's most famous and prestigious Universities. The committee, that I was a part of, however did seem to be not very productive. Despite great work of chairs, the delegates did not tend to cooperate much; hence the debate was cemented on a dead point and never came to a resolution that would pass with the majority voting procedure.


Danai- I agree with Nick. It was my first outside MUN experience. I am glad I went and experienced it. It was a bit challenging to represent Malawi on the topic but I found it interesting and through this experience I definitely learned to put together research and opinions together in a way that my personal opinion does not get in the way. Overall, I enjoyed the conference, it is a shame that our committee did not get much done but it was still enjoyable and I met many new people who added to the overall experience. I look forward to attending some other MUN conference and spending more time with the UNYP MUN students as we are great group.

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