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MUNYP in LiMUN 2016


The individual experiences of our delegates:



It is obvious that any participation in Model United Nations Conferences is breathtaking, because you never know what might happen. Moreover, you are all waiting for this conference, especially if it is your first time and this conference is the biggest one in Europe. That was the London International Model United Nation Conference. I was so excited during those four amazing days that I spent in London.

            The first day, our delegation met in the lobby of our hostel, and we went to Central Hall Westminster where we had a registration. Then we had a guided tour of the Westminster Area. We walked along  the noble London’s streets. During that tour I met a lot of people who had the same committee as I did. All of them were from different parts of the planet (Belgium, Brazil, Uganda, Denmark and etc.). After the tour we had a couple of hours to know our new friends, to visit some souvenir stores and to have a cup of coffee. In some hours later, the opening ceremony began. It was really interesting, and we had a chance to meet and to greet some diplomats from different countries. In the evening our committees again met in Imperial College London. It was time for our first session. I was a participant of United Nation Environment Programme. We made a decision about the agenda (we had to choose the main problem out of two topics). Also, all delegates represented their opening speeches. Later on, we had the Delegate Mixer, where we had a chance to meet all delegates from all committees.

            The whole second day we had the committee session. We talked about our countries, positions, ideas, solutions. By the end of the day everyone was super tired but really happy. Also, we had some breaks during the session, when we had a lunch and talked about our resolution papers. And in the evening we had the Delegates’ Ball. That was a wonderful day in the awesome company of new people.

            The last day of the conference was the day of the resolution paper. We had five drafts that were rewritten again and again. Finally, we came to the common decision of the resolution paper. Right after we had the closing ceremony. It was a pity to leave the conference and London. Nevertheless, it was a huge opportunity to practice my skills of public speaking and to improve my abilities of critical thinking to solve global problems. Moreover, I had a great experience and I made lots of new friends. It was a lovely conference. And I look forward to take part in another Model United Nations Conference.



LIMUN 2016 was my first international conference and I have to admit that it was an overwhelming experience. I have participated in the Crisis Committee, where my character was Charles M. Schwab, a member of Carnegie Cabinet. We simulated the beginning of capitalism and democracy in the U.S. of 19th century, representing the most powerful companies of that time. It was very different to ordinary MUN meetings and I enjoyed it even more! It was very interactive and dynamic, but also demanding work. There was our own backroom team updating news feed every 10 minutes and we able to send directives that will be uploaded to achieve our goals. It was difficult to absorb all information and settle in this ever-changing environment, but it was worth the invested time and effort. It has rewarded me with invaluable experience and new friends from all around the world. I recommend it for everyone who is hesitating to apply or considering going. It is a must of your experience!




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