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The individual experiences of our delegates:



             Although it might be just the fact that it is only my second conference but I think it is a conference I will remember for a long time. In this conference I have learned the difference between a small and large MUN.
The committees chosen to be modeled were initially planned to be smaller (of max 15.) and therefore the conference as a whole had a very personal approach and the chairs and general directors were all very friendly, approachable and gave constructive criticism. I have represented Indonesia in ASEAN, a beginner committee, where we discussed natural disaster management and viable solutions to the South China Sea dispute.
           The first topic was quite straightforward and as a fairly friendly union we agreed on a shared management and resources in case of a disaster. The second topic was more difficult for me as I am not particularly familiar with the political issues in the region and I was anxious about making false statements.
Despite the unfamiliarity with the issues involved, MUN is all about going out of your comfort zone and giving your best at delivering your opinions and ideas.



        Since the Security Council is an advanced committee, a lot of the delegates there have participated in so many conferences that they have lost count!
On the contrary, it was only my second time…I had to represent both Jordan and the Arab League. Obviously it was not easy, though the experience I gained was totally worth it for several reasons.
First of all, I have realized that every single word you say and write down is extremely important, especially if there are countries with a veto power.
         Second of all, I found out that it is much better to be in a small committee because both chairs and delegates are more supportive and helpful. I always knew that I could ask people whenever I had any difficulties.
Thirdly, I have learned some MUN tricks and rules. Finally, I have heard so many dramatic speeches, arguments, almost fights and I've seen so many ways how to upset the chairs
smile emoticon


       Although it was quite complicated, I still want to continue representing countries in the Security Council.
I would like to mention one more reason I loved Holyland MUN: all the chairs gave feedback on every single delegate. They specified my strengths and they also recommended few things for future MUNs.
I hope we will be able to visit this conference again.

PS: We debated on Yemen conflict and nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East.

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